Theologisch webinar Elayne Oliphant

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The privilege of being Banal - Oliphant

Theologisch webinar Elayne Oliphant (in het Engels)
"The Art of Catholic Banality in Secular France"

Maandag 28 maart | UCSIA

Op maandag 28 maart stelt antropologe Elayne Oliphant haar recentste onderzoek voor bij UCSIA. Dit werk heeft als titel 'The privilege of Begin Banal. Art, Secularism and Catholicism in Paris'.

"In The Privilege of Being Banal, professor Oliphant observes that France celebrates its laïcité (secularism), yet Catholicism continues to dominate its spatial and temporal rhythms in ways that often fade into the background as nothing more than heritage. In this talk, professor Oliphant argues that these attachments are an expression of the privilege that accompanies the banality of Catholicism in France. While signs of Islam are maligned as excessively religious and, thereby, deemed inappropriate in the public sphere, Catholic material forms are accepted as cultural, historical, heritage and even secular. Questioning whether the banality of Catholicism could be its hidden power, she shows how aesthetics and politics come together in contemporary France to foster the kind of banality that Hannah Arendt warned against: the incapacity to take on another person’s experience of the world. By doing so, she draws upon examples from her case study at the Collège des Bernardins and other significant events such as the burning down of the Notre-Dame."

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